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student products

​​Blastwave FX will soon be releasing student products!

​You have a dream. You have a passion. You even have a ProTools rig. But, the problem is that you can't afford high quality sound effects and recording crunching Ramen noodles in your apartment just isn't giving you the sound you're after...

Relax. Blastwave FX has you covered! Ric Viers actually started recording his own sound effects because not only did the current "professional" sound effects libraries not have what he was looking for, but in truth, he couldn't afford them even if they did!

That driving passion is what led to his writing the Sound Effects Bible. Why? Because he wanted the next generation of sound designers to learn how to create their own sound effects! However, not everyone has the time or resources to record everything they need. The number one request he gets from fans is for "student pricing" on his sound effects libraries. So, he dug deep into Blastwave FX's massive catalog of sounds and selected must-have sound effects that students need.

Click the Blastwave FX logo below to find out the latest developments on these special products!

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