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sound effects

Sound Effects.Com is Ric's newest company which offers articles, vids and, of course, sound effects to purchase! This site is perfect for anyone who is looking to learn about, buy or sell sound effects!

Looking for professional HD sound effects? Ric's company Blastwave FX is the world's largest HD sound effects company w
ith over 65,000 sound effects and production elements.​ Below are some of the latest releases featuring sound effects by Ric Viers. You can check out his complete sound effects credits here.

Check out the latest releases from
Haunted FX Sound Effects Library

The Steampunk Collection from Blastwave FX features 300 mechanical clicks, steam powered engines, steam whistles, fantasy workshops and more! There's over 3 hours of high definition sound effects including 5.1 surround effects and loops, as well as rare and previously unreleased material from Ric Viers.


This collection is dedicated to the memory of Detroit steampunk legend Michael Wiggins (June 13, 1965 - May 4, 2016). Michael was going to collaborate with Ric Viers in 2017 on a steampunk sound effects library featuring some of Michael’s creations and his network of steampunk enthusiasts. He was a creator, teacher and a true gentlemen. The Steampunk Collection was released on Michael's birthday and features some of Michael’s creations on the cover. The proceeds from this collection will go to Michael’s widow, Cindy.

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