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Detroit, MI, March 1, 2016

Ric Viers has been on the road preaching the good news of making noise! Ric made an appearance at NAMM this year meeting with fans and checking out all of the tasty new gear. He also held sound workshops at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee where he highlighted his recent work on Haunted FX. And yes, he scared some poor member of the audience while playing the demo for the horror-themed library. It's what he does. Finally, Ric was honored to be back on the Full Sail University campus to celebrate the induction of six fellow alumni into the Hall Of Fame. Ric spent the action-packed week giving lectures, workshops, meet & greets and tons of dinners and parties. Check out some of the action at Full Sail University's YouTube Channel.


Detroit, MI, February 1, 2016

Ric Viers announces the launch of a brand new company - Sound Effects.Com! The website features over 150,000 sound effects from independent producers and major publishers including Blastwave FX. Register for a new account and be entered to win free prizes, participate in cool contests and check out articles on how-to make sound effects. If you're interested in submitting your content to the website, please contact


Detroit, MI, November 2, 2015

After spending a long, grueling summer in production of his 666th sound effects library, Ric Viers has finally released "Haunted FX" on Halloween. Haunted FX is a devilishly spooky collection of 666 scary sound effects released by Blastwave FX! The DVD cover features original hand-painted artwork from Lucasfilm artists Matt Busch and Lin Zy. Viers also spent the summer shooting the fifth season of his web show The Detroit Chop Shop Video Diaries. Check out the season's episodes and watch all the fun as Ric and his cast of interns gather sound effects for Haunted FX!


Detroit, MI, April 27, 2015

Ric Viers attended NAB 2015 along with the Blastwave FX where they exhibited with their distribution partner Pro Sound Effects. During the week, Ric had a book signing at the NAB bookstore and was a guest on the Digital Production Buzz where he was interviewed by industry legend Larry Jordan. After NAB, Ric headed out to Los Angeles for Aladdin 3477 poster signings with fellow cast and crew members at Star Wars Celebration 2015. Finally, the Detroit Chop Shop announced that they are in preproduction for Season 5 the Chop Shop’s web series that will focus on the creation of Ric’s 666th sound effects library. Hint: It’s gonna be scary!


Detroit, MI, March 23, 2015

Ric Viers was inducted into the Full Sail University Hall Of Fame in Orlando, Florida. Ric’s induction speech was given by reality show producer and author of "Reality TV: An Insider's Guide to TV's Hottest Market” Troy DeVolld. During the week, Ric gave lectures and participated in panels with other Hall Of Famer’s as well as a special panel on independent filmmaking with writer/director and Star Wars artist Matt Busch. During their presentation, Busch debuted the trailer for his upcoming science fiction film Aladdin 3477 (still in production).


Detroit MI, February 23, 2015

Ric Viers was a speaker at the Orchard Lake Film Festival, teaching the students how to better capture audio for their films. Ric went to the Art Institute of Michigan to speak to their students about sound design and sound effects creation. Ric was also the guest speaker at a DAFT (Digital Arts Film & Television) Media Teacher Symposium at the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan where he educated teachers about the importance of audio recording for their students' video projects. Ric Viers partnered with Blair Halver's Reality Sound School to launch the #SlapASoulPatchOnIt contest. The winner, Martin Dürr, received 3 training packages from Reality Sound School. Finally, Ric and the crew resumed the film production of Aladdin 3477 shooting the villian's lair, the most complex set of the entire production! 


Detroit, MI, January 26, 2015

Ric Viers went to The NAMM Show in Los Angeles and played a huge game of hide and seek with his fans in the #PicWithRic contest. Winners received a free Power Pack from Blastwave FX. Ric was also a guest of Kevin Walsh on the My Media Diary podcast where he discussed the 10 Location Sound Commandments. The Huffington Post published an article on Ric about his sound design and recording techniques.


Detroit, MI, December 11, 2014

Pro Sound Effects announces the all new Hybrid Library Expansion 2 featuring sound effects from Blastwave FX! Developed with user feedback as an enhancement to the Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library, the Expansion 2 provides critical utility backgrounds and design elements for cutting edge film, game, television, radio and audio post production. Full Sail University's Stephanie Rizzo sat down with Ric Viers to find out what basic tools are needed for recording sound effects. If you entered the Countdown To The Apocalypse sound design competition from Blastwave FX, then your work just might be heard on the latest episode of Cellevision. Watch judges Celldweller, Blue Stahli, Matt Busch and Ric Viers review the entries and pick the winner. Ric Viers gave a lecture on location sound for DAFT (Digital Arts Film & Television) at the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan. To have Ric Viers give a lecture, online or in-person, send him an email


Detroit, MI, November 20, 2014

Ric Viers will be inducted into the Full Sail University in early 2015 in a special ceremony on their impressive campus located near Orlando, Florida. Since 2009, Full Sail University has celebrated the now time-honored tradition that is the Full Sail University Hall of Fame. Its purpose is to acknowledge those graduates who have made outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment, media, and the arts throughout the university’s 35-year history. Congratulations to Arnaud Noble for winning the "Countdown To The Apocalypse" Sound Design Contest! Arnuad and the runner-ups received special prizes from judges Celldweller, Blue Stahli, Matt Busch, Ric Viers and Blastwave FX.  Ric Viers visited the Nikon group in New York for a special sound workshop. During the workshop, Ric gave lecture on the basics of sound and discussed what independent filmmakers and camera enthusiasts need to gather great sound with their Nikon cameras. To have Ric Viers give a lecture, online or in-person, send him an email


Detroit, MI, September 3, 2014

Blastwave FX has announced a new sound design competition, Countdown to the Apocalypse, with over $4,000 in prizes from guest judges Celldweller, Blue Stahli , Matt Busch and Ric Viers . Prizes include Sonopedia 3.0, books from Matt Busch and Ric Viers and a ton of swag from electronic musicians Celldweller and Blue Stahli. Tonebenders caught up with Ric Viers at NAB this year to ask about his books and what he's been up to. Everyone needs a little help from their friends sometime… Brian Parsons is the owner of Man Of Sound Studios and he's fallen on hard times. He's started a fundraiser project to help him recover from a series of misfortunes, including his illness. We've all been there and we know how hard struggles can be, so reach out to Brian and show him some love from the sound design community.


Detroit, MI, August 1, 2014

Hollywood-is-Dead, a collection of re-imagined movie posters, is the brainchild of notorious artist Matt Busch. Each Hollywood-is-Dead poster parody is faithfully recreated by Busch’s ability to adapt any painting style thrown his way. The book's introduction was written by Ric and is a must-have for horror enthusiasts. Ric is still on location filming  Aladdin 3477, written and directed by the rock star of illustration and Hollywood Is Dead author Matt Busch! Ric is documenting his experiences on the set for a future book and video series coming soon.


Detroit, MI, June 5, 2014

Ric Viers is on location this summer filming Aladdin 3477, written and directed by the rock star of illustration Matt Busch! Ric will be wearing many hats during production, including sound mixing, and is slated to be the sound designer for the film. To check out the latest news on the film visit Ric Viers was a special guest at the Digital Arts Film Television film festival in Detroit. Ric met with students and helped give advice on careers in film sound. And, of course, he gave away a free copy of The Sound Effects Bible! To invite Ric to speak at your film festival, send him an email.. Owners of earlier versions of Sonopedia can take advantage of the upgrade sale which includes over 16,000 new HD sound effects for only $750 ($950 reg. price). For more information visit the upgrade page at

Detroit, MI, April 22, 2014

This year at NAB Ric Viers and the Blastwave FX team launched Sonopedia 3.0 a mammoth collection of over 40,000 high definition sound effects!. While at the show, Ric gave a presentation at the Sony booth, did a book signing at the NAB book store and was a special guest on the Daily Production Buzz with industry legend Larry Jordan. Listen to the interview here. Got pics from the show? Feel free to share them on Ric's Facebook page. Klayton of Celldweller and the FiXT team visited the Detroit Chop Shop for a special tour with Ric Viers to check out the studios. Look for the visit in an upcoming episode on Celldweller's YouTube Channel.


Detroit, MI, March 5, 2014

Ric Viers visited Full Sail University last month during their famous Hall Of Fame week to talk to the students, hang out with the alumni and escape the polar vortex in Detroit! If you're interested in having him coming to your school, send him an email.


Detroit, MI, February 3, 2014

Blastwave FX has released the "Crashes And Explosions Combo Pack" which features 1,000 hard-hitting HD sound effects from the Blastwave FX catalog including nearly 200 previously unreleased files. Greg Savage of DIYMB recently reviewed the Heroes & Villains collection of 1,000 HD superhero sound effects from Blastwave FX.


Detroit, MI, January 10, 2014

Blastwave FX is proud to participate in The Hybrid Library from Pro Sound Effects. The incredible library combines 50,000+ sound effects specifically designed and priced to support freelancers and independent sound designers.


Detroit, MI, December 19, 2013

Ric Viers visited the Art Institute of Michigan to give a special lecture on sound effects. Ric spoke to students about recording techniques, sound effects tips and how to not only break into the industry, but also how to stay on top once you're in the field. If you'd like Ric to speak at your school or university, send Ric an email.


Detroit, MI, November 4, 2013

The new sound effects library "Heroes & Villains" was released on Halloween to a warm welcome from fans around the world with record-setting sales! Ric Viers was a guest on The Not So Cool Kids Podcast where he discussed the making of the library.


Detroit, MI, October 7, 2013

With only a few weeks until the release of "Heroes & Villains", Ric Viers and the team finish the final touches on the superheroes-themed sound effects library. Check out the making of the project in the behind-the-scenes documentary "Behind The Cape".


Detroit, MI, August 6, 2013

Ric Viers and the team at the Detroit Chop Shop continue their production on the superheroes sound effects library "Heroes & Villains". Watch the latest videos on our YouTube Channel. Episodes inlcude a visit to the junkyard, guns and explosions featuring former KISS pyrotechnician Ray Brockette, robots, construction of a Jacob's ladder, fireworks and more!


Detroit, MI, July 1, 2013

​Ric Viers invites students from the Art Institute of Detroit to visit the studios at the Detroit Chop Shop for a special lecture about the industry. Ric Viers is interviewed on Sound Read the article here. The Detroit Chop Shop begins production on Season 4 of the Video Diaries. This season, six interns assist Ric Viers and the Detroit Chop Shop crew in the creation of "Heroes & Villains" - the world's first superheroes sound effects library! Check out all the fun on our YouTube Channel. Blastwave FX releases Hits & Whooshes! This collection of 1,001 HD production elements contains various styles of sound effects to highlight a transition or simply punch your audience in the face!


Detroit, MI, June 3, 2013

​Ric Viers gives a special guest lecture at the Art Institue of Detroit. Blastwave FX releases Guns Reloaded! The sound effects library features 4,182 HD sound effects of more than 90 different weapons from around the world, including gun Foley, bullet shells, battle ambiences and bullet impacts!


Detroit, MI, May 6, 2013

​Ric Viers gives a special guest lecture at the International Academy of Design and Technology, Detroit. Blastwave FX releases Noizz!  The sound effects library contains 1,001 digital glitches, perfect for music production, postproduction or anything that needs a stttttuuuutttttterrrr.


Detroit, MI, April 22, 2013

Ric Viers is back from NAB 2013 with a few good stories to tell! During the week, he made a special appearance at the Sony event to talk about Blastwave FX's Zombie Apocalypse Sound Effects Library and Blastwave FX's new partnership with Sony. He also gave presentations throughout the week at the Sony booth to discuss his intensive use of their software for sound effects creation. On Tuesday night, Blastwave FX held a private VIP party with Pro Sound Effects and Killer Tracks at the Foundation Room inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel where they welcomed contest winner Tim Pryor. After all the parties and events, he wrapped up the week with an interview on the NAB Production Buzz by Larry Jordan. Back in Detroit, Ric was featured on The Not So Cool Kids Podcast. On top of all this, Ric Viers released two new products: Guns Reloaded and Noizz. Rumor has it that Ric is now hibernating...

Detroit, MI, March 29, 2013

Ric Viers has been busy working on several libraries for Blastwave FX. The libraries include App FX (multimedia content with a special license for app developers with 4,000 sound effects), Educator FX (specifically licensed for schools and universities) and the soon-to-be-released Guns Reloaded (over 4,000 gunshots and gun Foley including nearly 2,000 previously unreleased sound effects). If you're going to NAB 2013, be sure to visit the Blastwave FX booth  #SL7617 (inside the Killer Tracks booth).


Detroit, MI, February 22, 2013

Ric Viers is back from a couple of road trips! First, he was in LA for some meetings, then he made a quick hop over to NAMM 2013 for, you guessed it, even more meetings! He came back just in time be a guest speaker at the Orchard Lake Student Film Festival and gave the students a behind the scenes look at the making of the Zombie Apocalypse Sound Effects Library which was released in October 2012. After that, it was off to Full Sail Univeristy in Orlando, Flordia for a guest lecture and to sit on a panel about sound for picture with David Farmer, Colin Hart and Frank Sheuring.  In other news, Ric's books are slated for translation into French and Chinese!


Detroit, MI, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! As many of you know, we're consolidating all of our websites and social media pages. So, be sure to check out Ric Viers on Facebook! Starting in February 2013, The Sound Effects Bible Facebook page will no longer be updated.

Detroit, MI, December 10, 2012

Ric Viers' sound effects company Blastwave FX is proud to participate in the new Hybrid Library from Pro Sound Effects! Their clients are big studios with big budgets and lots of users. But, they want to support the little guy with affordable pricing for the same big library features. So here it is - The Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library - just $1500 for the first 100 qualified freelance and independent sound designers. Orders are filling fast, so get your application in before it's too late!


Detroit, MI, November 12, 2012

Time flies when you're killing zombies! The Zombie Apocalypse Sound Effects Library has finally been released, infecting sound designers around the world with 666 apocalyptic and horrifying sound effects for only $66. To celebrate the release, Ric Viers held a special two-hour free webinar to discuss the project along with special guest, artist Matt Busch. In other sound library news, we've announced that the Sound Effects Bible Library will be discontinued on January 1, 2013. For those of you who hold weight in the Mayan calendar prediction of the end of the world before the end of December, this shouldn't be a big deal. But, for the rest of you, this will be your final chance to purchase this library! Finally, we've launched a new music video for the song "Zombie Apocalypse" written by Season 3 Chop Shop intern Jon Rick (a.k.a. Skittlez).

Detroit, MI, October 28, 2012

During the mad-dash to put the finishing touches on the Zombie Apocalypse Sound Effects Library, Ric Viers managed to squeeze some "me" time in for a short trip to AES in San Francisco. During his trip, he and Colin Hart of Hart FX treated Season 3 interns Sydnee Johnson (a.k.a. Sandy) and Chris Trevino (a.k.a. Boris) to a trip to Skywalker Ranch! They got a chance to see Academy Award winning sound designers and super-stars like Ben Burtt, Gary Rydstrom, Gary Rizzo, Ren Klyce and others. Ric even ran into veteran Chop Shop intern Jon Borland who he helped score a gig there. Jon is now an assistant sound designer and spends most of his time working alongside the legendary Supervising Sound Designer Randy Thom.

Detroit, MI, September 11, 2012

It’s been a crazy summer! We’ve been up to tons of stuff at the Chop Shop. Ric gave lectures at Full Sail University, spoke at a couple of panels at the UFVA in Chicago and even paid a visit to the Detroit YMCA to chat with the kids. The Detroit Chop Shop wrapped up the season finale for the Chop Shop Diaries and are now hard at work finalizing the design and mastering of the Zombie Apocalypse Sound Effects Library for Blastwave FX. Finally and sadly, the interns have finished their tour of duty at the Chop Shop. Their summers were packed with what Skittles called “The best summer ever!” The interns helped win a 48 Hour Film Challenge, worked with AaronG of AaronG TV, musician Jeff Rebrovich who works with the folks from Eminem, ICP and Sponge, and even received a special microphone package from Ric’s pals at Rode Microphones. If you’re looking for minute-to-minute updates, follow Ric Viers on Twitter.

Detroit, MI, July 11, 2012

What's not new? The summer is hopping at the Detroit Chop Shop with the launch of the Detroit Chop Shop Video Diaries - Season 3! The interns and Ric are on a quest to record the world's first Zombie Apocalypse sound effects library for Blastwave FX! And speaking of Blastwave FX, Buzzsaw 2 was launched this month featuring over 1,600 mind-numbing distortion effects! Beatport has an exclusive offer this month for 25% off the library here. Finally, Ric Viers' next book, The Location Sound Bible, is available for pre-order through The book will be released on September 1, 2012.


Detroit, MI, June 4, 2012

The Detroit Chop Shop is prepping for what will certainly be an action-packed summer! There are several new sound effects products scheduled and Ric Viers has selected four new interns for Season 3 of the Detroit Chop Shop Video Diaries. Check out the trailer here!

Detroit, MI, May 2, 2012

Ric Viers is back from an action-packed NAB 2012! As always, Ric documented his trip in real-time on his Twitter account. If you're not following him yet, check him out: @ricviers. Of course, you can always catch up on the highlights of his trip by watching the video here. Once again, the Blastwave FX booth was hopping with a flurry of activity as we showcased a video of products currently in-the-works as well as new material for Blastwave FX's free-updates-for-life packages! Ric was also interviewed on the Digital Production Buzz by Larry Jordan at the show. Click the link to listen to the interview. Finally, we've added a new articles page with various things that Ric has written (after all, he is an author).


Detroit, MI, April 2, 2012

Tons of stuff to report! We waited until April 2 to post this, because nobody would believe us if we posted this on April Fools Day! To start, The Detroit Chop Shop is finished with the remodel of the studios! And speaking of the Chop Shop, Ric Viers receives internship requests every week from around the world. For the first time in Chop Shop history, he's holding an "open casting call" for interns! If you're interested, check out our internship page. Once again, Ric Viers will be at NAB this year. If you're going to be at the show, stop by the Blastwave FX booth (# SL7619) and say hi! We would also like to congratulate Josh Kramer for winning the Flat Ricky Contest! Finally, he will be hosting another webinar series with fellow author David Sonnenschein this month. That's the news (for now)!

Detroit, MI, February 15, 2012

Lots of stuff has been going on! Ric Viers has finished the manuscript for his next book which deals with recording dialog on location for film and television production. He was a guest speaker at the Orchard Lake Student Film Festival and also gave a special lecture at the Art Institute of Troy. Finally, he was a guest on the Home Recording Show. You can listen to the podcast here. Now he's slaving away doing all the things that he should've been doing for the past few months. Wish him luck! There's some cool stuff coming soon.


Detroit, MI, December 25, 2011

Congratulations to @audiomaniac37 for winning 5,000 Sound Effects, the Book and a pair of Coconuts in the Twitter Contest! Stay tuned for more contests and events in 2012.

Detroit, MI, December 20, 2011

Ric Viers is playing Santa Claus again! One lucky Twitter follower of Ric Viers (@ricviers) will have a noisy Christmas morning when the win a Special Sound Effects Bible LE Starter kit that includes The Sound Effects Bible book, 5,000 sound effects and two authentic coconuts that they can use for their own Foley!


Detroit, MI, November 30, 2011

Blastwave FX held their first live webinar "How To Win A Sound Design Competition" hosted by Ric Viers. The winner of their Halloween Competition, judged by Alan Howarth (Star Trek, Dracula, Halloween) and Matt Busch (Star Wars artist) and Ric Viers (author of The Sound Effects Bible), was announced. Visit for more details!

Detroit, MI, November 23, 2011

Full Sail University inducted Lord Of The Rings sound designer David Farmer into their Hall Of Fame. See David's induction here and start watching at 02:04:00. Ric Viers attended the ceremony and gave lectures throughout the week including a special recording session with students at Cocoa Beach where they recorded military jets at dangerously close distances! Now he's back to work on his next book due out next year. Stay tuned!


Detroit, MI, October 27, 2011

Ric Viers hosted the first "Crash Course" webinar. The topic was Location Sound. Although the webinar was slated for two hours, Ric happily stayed for an additional hour to share his experience with the attendees of both sessions! Ric thinks it's because he loves giving back, but we think it's because he doesn't ever shut up! (Don't worry. We don't think he reads these posts.)

New York, NY, October 21, 2011

Ric Viers gave a lecture on Field Recording at the AES convention with Colin Hart of Hart FX. The pair tag-teamed the 90 minute lecture with videos, sound clips and war stories from the field. Ric spent his time in New York catching up with old friends, meeting new friends, putting faces to cyber-friends and taking pictures with fans.

Detroit, MI, September 22, 2011

David Sonnenschein and Ric Viers will be hosting another Secrets For Great Film Sound Webinar! Sign up for this unique webinar that not only allows you to learn from the authors of Sound Design and The Sound Effects Bible, but also lets you participate in Q&A sessions and submit your projects for consultation!

Detroit, MI, September 12, 2011

The last days of summer had Ric Viers traveling from one side of the country to the other - from the fun and educational workshop at Samy's in West Hollywood, to the Art Institute of California - San Diego, then over to Orlando, Florida to give a lecture and recording workshops at Full Sail University! If you'd like to have Ric give a lecture at your school or participate in a lecture via Skype, contact us at In the meantime, he's taking a break from traveling to work on his next book!

Detroit, MI, August 3, 2011

Ric Viers will be teaching a workshop in LA at Samy's Camera on August 11, 2011! Come and learn the fundamentals of sound recording for DSLR video and take your work to the next level. Suitable for DSLR film makers from beginner to advanced levels, the DSLR Audio Master Class hosted by Ric Viers, author of The Sound Effects Bible, will show you all of the tips and techniques to record audio to match your footage quality, with solutions to suit all budgets. This is the first DSLR Audio Master Class of its kind – so register now to secure your place at this exclusive Samy’s LA event. 50 Tickets available, and includes a T shirt, coffee traveler mug and RODE University DVD. For more information, visit 

Detroit, MI, July 1, 2011

We've updated our website! Of course, you already know that because you are here reading about it! Check out the Store page, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and like our Facebook page!

Detroit, MI, January 11, 2011

Ric is beginning a free webinar this week with fellow sound designer and author David Sonnenschein. The webinar is called the Secrets For Great Film Sound. This is an introduction to six week webinar series by the duo and is a must attend for all aspiring sound designers. Rode Microphones' new Rode Rage video series that was produced by DCS and hosted by Ric Viers is getting ready for its big launch in the next few weeks. If you've had your ears to the ground, you've probably have gotten wind of it via YouTube already. The official premiere has yet to be announced or released. Stay tuned for more!

Detroit, MI, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year! DCS ended 2010 by giving away a Sound Effects Bible Hard Drive to Mike Chobot, winner of Sound Effects Bible's Facebook video contest! Chobot submitted a video of him performing as the sound effects hunter, a very funny and entertaining video. Congratulations to Mike Chobot for his creativity and the beginning of a well built library of sound. The Sound Effects Bible Hard Drive is now available for purchase on the Sound Effects Bible website for $999. This collection comes with 5,000 general sound effects recorded by Ric Viers and his team at the Detroit Chop Shop. Every sound was personally mastered by Ric and they are available in 16/44.1KHz only. The Sound Effects Bible Hard Drive is the perfect collection for the new sound designer. Also, the Detroit Chop Shop has added three new interns to the roster for the next three months. It was a long process, but we are extremely happy with our selections and welcome: Vince Walker, Eric Platzke, and Jon Creciun. You'll be hearing and seeing more of them in the coming weeks.

Detroit, MI, September 27, 2010

DCS has wrapped another video series for Rode Microphones. The new series is an exciting behind the scenes look at the sound industry in Hollywood. Look for a link and more press when Rode Microphones releases it.
Ric recently did a interview for You can read the entire interview here: Ric Viers Interview.
Check back with us to see what else is going on and to get updates on Ric's new endeavors.

Detroit, MI, March 9, 2010

DCS recently wrapped up the Rode University video series that features their entire line of broadcast microphones and is hosted Ric Viers. Go to to check out the vids and get the scoop on Rode's awesome mics. Our intern, Jon Borland, did a down and dirty sound design and mix for the feature film "Lakeland Love Comedy" directed by Dave DeBorde. Jon had just 72 hours to do it in order to meet a film festival deadline. He slept for 24 hours after.

Detroit, MI, February 1, 2010

Ric has signed on with Creative Film Studies in Madison Heights to teach a location sound course that will cover everything from mic selection to which snacks to horde at the craft services table. The Creative Film Studies is paving the way in Michigan for training individuals in, you guessed it, the film industry. Blastwave FX and Avid have partnered for a brand new sound design competition. Ric Viers is one of the judges! Those interested in signing up for the contest can learn more about it at Avid Blastwave Contest.

Detroit, MI, December 7, 2009

DCS produced a new sound effects collection for Blastwave FX called Bugs! The production included several sessions with real insects being let loose in the Foley studio - including a cricket who was never found or ever heard from again... You can check out Bugs! at under the animals category. Ric Viers finished sound design for a short film called "Musings" directed by Bernie Tague. This was a SAG short film used to promote The Detroit Institute of Arts. Post sound involved ADR for 100% of the dialogue thanks to some noisy fountains and a busy location. The location scout was ceremonially executed afterwards.

Detroit, MI July 10, 2009

Mix Magazine and Blastwave FX bring you the Blastwave FX Sound Design Competition, a contest challenging participants to showcase their creativity - design a soundtrack for a 30 second video clip using HD sound effects provided by Blastwave FX. Celebrity judges including Academy-Award winners Richard King and Dane Davis, and Golden Reel Nominee Charles Deenen will select the winner who will received THE BLASTDRIVE ($5999 value), a 400 GB HD sound effects library with the Blastwave FX Search Engine. For more info, visit

Detroit, MI, July 1, 2009

Recently, Ric Viers and the Detroit Chop Shop crew worked on their fourth project with A&W Movies. The short film "Presumption" was made as a part of the 48 Hour Film Challenge ( for the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival (DWIFF). The Film won four awards that include, "Best Movie", "Best Director", "Best Cinematography", and "Audience Choice". This is the third award winning film that they have collaborated on.

Detroit, MI, June 1, 2009

Ric Viers contributed another article on mixing in the June newsletter from Click the link below to read it.

Detroit, MI, May 1, 2009

Ric Viers contributed an article on mixing in the May newsletter from Click the link below to read it.

Detroit, MI, April 17, 2009

Sony recently interviewed Ric Viers about The Sound Effects Bible and his work in the sound industry. Click the link below to read it.

Detroit, MI, March 1, 2009

Ric Viers contributed an article on Why We Need Sound Effects in the March newsletter from Click the link below to read it.

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