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The meanest sound editors in the business!
(Actually, they're all really nice guys. They're just misunderstood...)

The Detroit Chop Shop is the world's largest producer of sound effects libraries for the motion picture, television, radio, and video gaming industries. Over the past two decades, the Chop Shop has produced sound effects non-stop for various libraries and productions, delivering the freshest cuts in the business.

DCS operates three state of the art sound design studios, three sound editing suites, a voice over booth, and Michigan's only Foley sound stage. Two of the three design studios are set up for 5.1 surround sound mixing and creation.

DCS's Foley sound stage is perfect for creating isolated and controlled effects, as well as performing sound for picture. Adjacent to the Foley stage is a rather large, and at times, cluttered storage area with thousands of props ranging from guns & swords to over ten different surfaces. It's a Foley Artist's dream and a cleaning crew's nightmare!

DCS was founded by Ric Viers and is a privately held company.

The Detroit Chop Shop is not open to the public. Visits are by invitation only.

The Studios
The Detroit Chop Shop is the home of Ric Viers and his team. In addition to being the primary production center for Blastwave FX, we also provide post production services for film, television, video games, radio and independent films. We also feature Michigan's only Foley stage! Check out our recently remodeled studios!

Studio A
This suite is fully stocked with the latest software and plug-ins as well as a 5.1 surround mix set-up! Ric Viers has personally mastered hundreds of thousands of sound effects in this room.

Studio B
After serving as an editing station with a 5.1 mix set-up, Studio B has been outfitted to now function as a video editing suite for projects such as The Detroit Chop Shop Video Diaries!

Studio C
Studio C is a work in progress! Here's a pic of Studio C in its former state.


Studio D
Featuring a built-in voiceover booth and a window that overlooks the Foley stage, Studio D functions as a recording hub for the Chop Shop.


Here's the hallway leading to Studio D. On the wall hangs a special plaque given to Ric Viers to commemorate the first sound effects libraries that he worked on!


Foley Stage
With thousands of props and plenty of surfaces to play with, this Foley stage has what it takes to make plenty of noise for any film! The room is also capable of handling tracking for music projects.

The Foley stage reconfigured for a jam session!

Prop Room
Speaking of all those props, here is a peek at the Chop Shop's prop room!

Prop Room Reverse

The Lounge
Kick back in style between sessions at the Chop Shop's new lounge! Always stocked with snacks and other refreshments along with a stereo system to relax or party with!

Equipment Room
With well over one hundred microphones, a dozen recorders, camera packages and more, this room houses all of the goodies that the Chop Shop crew uses to make all of the magic! You may recognize this room from video series such as Rode University and Ric's Tips and Tricks!

Editing Stations
The Chop Shop got its nickname from all of the sound cutting that we've done over the years. These editing stations are used for quick cuts, transfers as well as workstations to use during training workshops at the Chop Shop.

Lighting and Grip Equipment
Here's where we store all of the goodies that we use for video production.

Sound Effects and Music Libraries
Need some sound? We've got plenty! Here's a look at our collection of sound effects and music libraries! Many of these collections feature our work. Today, these collections are found in Terabyte hard drives on the Chop Shop's studio network with even more sound effects and music. Combined, these collections would fill several walls like this!

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